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Check out the latest OPI Accessories. From polish removers to files to cuticle oils and more, you are sure to find the perfect OPI accessories for all your manicure and pedicure needs!

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OPI Toe Separators
Why We Love It:

Put toes in their place for every lacquer and polish. Separate and glamorize while comfortably sitting pretty.

OPI Crystal File
Why We Love It:

"Meet the last nail file you will ever buy! This is made of crystal glass and it never wears! I've had mine for years." MCFancyPants, TX

OPI Correct and Clean Up Corrector Pen
Why We Love It:

For a pro-manicure look, touch up tips and edges with a perfectly angled pen that corrects and cleans only where you want it.

OPI RapiDry Spray
$11.39 - $19.95
Why We Love It:

A spritz or two sets your nails in minutes and keeps your polish intact for days. Use between manis to refresh shine and shade.

OPI Polish Remover
Why We Love It:

This aloe vera-spiked basic gently removes even the toughest lacquers while leaving nails clean and moisturized.

OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner
Why We Love It:

Found in top nail spas, this solution gives goopy polish new life by returning it to its optimal texture. Even results will ensue.

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover
$6.19 - $15.55
Why We Love It:

Polish melts off almost like magic! BB girls appreciate its instant gratification and that it leaves cuticles soft, not shriveled.

OPI Pro Spa Moisture Whip Massage Cream
Why We Love It:

BB loves to indulge in this luxurious cream. We can"t get enough of it.

OPI Pro Spa Callus Smoothing Balm
Why We Love It:

BB Tip: Put this smoothing Balm on dry skin before bed. It works as an overnight intensive treatment.

OPI Pro Spa Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
Why We Love It:

Slough off dull skin with this dual-action exfoliator. And it's safe for daily use!