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beautyblender original
Why We Love It:

You don"t have to be a pro makeup artist to apply foundation like one " just use this revolutionary sponge!

beautyblender pro
Why We Love It:

Forget about lines, streaks and imperfections: This sponge provides the flawless coverage other sponges can"t.

beautyblender liquid blendercleanser
Why We Love It:

Give beautyblenders a sponge bath with this fragrant cleanser that removes germs and residue from sponges and brushes.

beautyblender blendercleanser solid
Why We Love It:

Keep beautyblender sponges and makeup brushes clean and in tip-top shape with this cleanser.

beautyblender keep.it.clean 3-piece kit
Why We Love It:

beautyblender has a new best friend! This cleansing mitt provides deep cleansing action for one (or multiple) beautyblenders.

beautyblender joy
Why We Love It:

beautyblender joy's lemon yellow hue is sure to bring a smile and perfectly blended make up to your face.

Have beautyblender makeup sponges for a flawless look.

Nothing applies makeup like beautyblender makeup sponges, handcrafted in the USA for 360 degrees of makeup perfection. The makeup applicators are edgeless for flawless application that delivers streak-free makeup. You can use the professional makeup sponges to apply foundation, primer, powder, cream blush and more. We even have makeup applicator kits with everything you need to apply your favorite makeup. And don’t forget makeup sponge cleaner so your sponges will last a long time.

You wet the open cell structure of these beautyblender makeup sponges with a small amount of water, which forces the makeup to stay on the surface – and so you waste less makeup. The makeup applicators help reduce the look of lines and imperfections. And best of all, the professional makeup sponges can be reused day after day. Remember to have beautyblender makeup sponge cleaner on hand to keep them pristine.

We have the original beautyblender makeup sponges, as well as professional-grade sponges for darker makeup tones. You’ll also find small makeup sponges for when you want to get at small areas, like concealing acne or other flaws. And to achieve symmetrically lined eyes, choose the professional makeup sponges with a straight edge and three different sides to help create different angles and liner shapes. With the variety of makeup applicators, you can create stunning looks.

Pair the beautyblender makeup sponges with one of the cleaners. Beautyblender makeup sponge cleaners include solid and liquid versions. Easily clean the makeup applicators with either. The makeup sponge cleaners remove toxins, stains, residue and germs. And you can buy the brush cleaner separately or with the sponges in handy makeup applicator kits.