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Check out the latest top brand, CND nail treatments. From SolarOil to Cucumber Heel to Almond Soothing Creme and more, you are sure to find the perfect CND treatments for anyone!

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CND SolarOil
$8.50 - $12.50
Why We Love It:

Give your cuticles a tender loving treatment. Use our hydrating cuticle oil throughout the day to restore suppleness.

CND Cucumber Heel Therapy
Why We Love It:

"Two things that I can't live without: Coffee in the morning and this before bedtime. Smells so fresh and softens." Skye, MO

CND ScrubFresh 1-Step Nail Prep
Why We Love It:

Prepare for a long-lasting mani/pedi. This mild cleanser removes oils and leftover lacquer from nails so polish adheres better.

CND Rescue RXx
Why We Love It:

Nourish your nails back to amazing health with this essential treatment for reducing peeling and white spots.